Autumn details

By liveitshareit on 2013.09.17 In Trips

Sometimes it can be interesting to stop and look at the smaller things instead of large landscapes. This is exactly what I did this weekend on a little day trip.
It’s fascinating how many beautiful things that can be just a few feet around you if you take time to stop and look.
Since I had no plans to capture any particular subject and wanted to walk light and comfortably, I took with my 4/3 camera. These cameras are quite impressive because they have a very large sensor when compared to the size of the camera. I will probably write a detailed post about them later because they are excellent if you want stunning quality and light equipment.
Here are some pictures from the trip.


golj-3b Inland ice stones


 Dried treegolj-1b

Autumns first victim


Holding on

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  1. Vandringsbloggen wrote:

    I just love the photos!

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