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By liveitshareit on 2013.10.26 In Equipment

I hate hate hate straps. But love the function of it.

They are always in the way, they make sounds, you get stuck in things. They are simply unwanted. But I love its function. Places to fasten things I consider invaluable in a good Rucksack.
So how does one make a solution that is both practical and useful? I will explain below two seen to solve this, a permanent and a temporary. There is not much material is needed, and it ease the headeach of straps flying around.
I would also point out that I’m not particularly good at sewing, etc. but if I want to get something done, I get it done.

Permanent solution

Things you will need.

– Needle
– String
– Sissor
– Velco
– Knife/cutter

Cost: 10$ raw material

First we need to measure how long the Velcro will need to be. Then you have to cut it down to the same width as the strap. Round it off a bit at the end.

If the strap is already sewn fixed “usually” we need it ripped up. This makes the easiest with a seam ripper

IMPORTANT! for this to work, the velcro be in different directions. Place so that they meet in the middle.

Sew it togheter one time in the middle so they are secure. Fold the thread double for best strength.

Now we fold it over two laps and then sew around in a square. Once done you can take a lighter and burn the last thread piece that is left to leave no trace.

And voila! It looks great and work really well.

Look at the diffrence. No more straps hanging around.


Temporary solution

Things you will need.

– Needle
– String
– Sissor
– Elastic band
– Knife/cutter

Cost: 10$ raw material for 10-15 units
This is a well known way to get straps fasten but on some packs they do not exist or why not have som as spare? This is how you make those.
What you need to do is to cut the elastic band of the appropriate length. When you get a length that works well, cut all the bit after the measurement. It can be a little difficult to sew elastic so try to sew it stretched.
Same thing here, use double thread when it needs to keep well.
And here we got it. Does it´s job.

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  1. rumbleinthearctic wrote:

    The good thing is that a lot of backpacks on the market now already have this nifty strap solution 🙂

    • liveitshareit wrote:

      Yes i´m aware. But it´s a pretty simple upgrade on the rucksacks that dont have this feature. Many of the “classics” and “favorites” lack this function so i thought i show how to make it up to date =)

  2. Vandringsbloggen wrote:

    Great post! Really appreciate it 🙂

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