Göljestigen – Winter

By liveitshareit on 2014.01.16 In Trips

The snow have just been pouring down. This made me really exiting to go visit Göljestigen and Skinnarsågsfallet. I have been there before during the winter time, but never directly after heavy snowfall and the ground being “untouched”. It was to say the least a lot of snow. The terrain was quite difficult as it hides large rocks that were totally hidden now. The scenery was absolutely amazing and that it was completely untouched gives it a special feeling.

The weather was clearly much better then the last trip two days yesterday. No snowfall that disrupts the images and equipment that´s messing around. As usually I shot analogue and with Velvia 50, this time in 35mm format. Medium format equipment does not feel especially good in such weather conditions. The result, I will upload later in the same post. The images in the post are ONLY taken with my Iphone. Therefore there is absolute no sharpness in corners.

Otherwise it was a pretty nice trip and below will a little video I threw together. The Iphone really eat battery in the cold so I was lucky that I had brought the Newtrent so you could charge the battery while hiking in the snow.


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