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By liveitshareit on 2013.05.31 In Equipment Trips Tutorials

First I want to say that I will write this blog in English although I’m from Sweden, so please have in mind that some grammar may not be 100%. In this blog i will write about how i prepare to take photos and the process that leads up to that final moment of the shutter being pressed. Such as scouting locations on the computer to deciding what kind of equipment that is essential for the specific image and allot of other stuff that is required for the best result possible.
I will also create guides for those who use an iphone, compact camera, dslr or medium-format to get the most out of the scenery that you are trying to capture and share. So i hope you will follow my adventures here at Outdrr.com and more stuff will be posted here shortly.

/ Rickard Eriksson


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