Järleån 2.0

By liveitshareit on 2013.09.27 In Trips

I took the opportunity to go to Järleån again in the hope that it would have really nice autumn leaves on the trees. But it seems that it will take a few more weeks. So hopefully it will be to get there again next week.
I have written about this place before, and for those who live around the Örebro area I really recommend to go there. It is not too difficult terrain and there are good locations with fireplaces and wind shelters for those who would like to go there with the family too.
Now the water level have dropped quite a bit so you can get really good shots that simply are not possible in the spring / summer when there´s quite strong streams.

Below are some photos as usual and a short video.







View in 720p HD and fullscreen for best experience


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