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Omberg is a location that i never really heard that much about. So i was to say the least surprised when i arrived at the Eco-park and it turned out to be really well organized and maintained. Long narrow winding roads to travel on by car along a rather grand view. I had planned to spend the whole day there to find some new places to shoot when the light is right, unfortunately some taks turned up (as always) so i couldn´t spend the whole day there. But I put all the focus on one spot that i really went there for.

The shoot did not really planned out as i hoped. I thought the cloud would be perfect but it laid like a curtain exactly where the sun was. It would have hit the rocks on the left with a yellow/orange feel to it perfectly if those damn cloud wasn´t there. These are things you never really have any control over but it was nice to have found a new spot that i defenitly will revisit in the fall.


And a vertical, this will work really well when the leafs turn yellow. But not right now.


I shot the images with a Micro 4/3 camera at 10mm with a Cokin GND 8 filter.

As a last desperate attempt to get something more out of the 300km trip i stoped near the end of the road to climb down the steep hillside to reach the water. Long exposure in the water at sunset always work´s right?


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