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By liveitshareit 2013.11.10 in Trips

This will not be a long post, but feels like it’s been a while since I posted anything. I have been extremely bussy in the last weeks and therefore found it difficult to get out in the nature. The only day i could get some daylight on the trip was Saturday. And of course, the rain starts to pour down. But I took off anyway, had to clear my head from everything.
It was to say the least a very wet trip and not many pictures were taken. It was just too much rainfall.
Even though I was only gone 4-6 hours it becomes a bit of a kick start for the mind and clear all rubbish.
Enough with the philosophical, here’s a picture.

DIY – Strap Solutions

By liveitshareit 2013.10.26 in Equipment

I hate hate hate straps. But love the function of it.

They are always in the way, they make sounds, you get stuck in things. They are simply unwanted. But I love its function. Places to fasten things I consider invaluable in a good Rucksack.
So how does one make a solution that is both practical and useful? I will explain below two seen to solve this, a permanent and a temporary. There is not much material is needed, and it ease the headeach of straps flying around.
I would also point out that I’m not particularly good at sewing, etc. but if I want to get something done, I get it done.

Permanent solution

Things you will need.

– Needle
– String
– Sissor
– Velco
– Knife/cutter

Cost: 10$ raw material

First we need to measure how long the Velcro will need to be. Then you have to cut it down to the same width as the strap. Round it off a bit at the end.

If the strap is already sewn fixed “usually” we need it ripped up. This makes the easiest with a seam ripper

IMPORTANT! for this to work, the velcro be in different directions. Place so that they meet in the middle.

Sew it togheter one time in the middle so they are secure. Fold the thread double for best strength.

Now we fold it over two laps and then sew around in a square. Once done you can take a lighter and burn the last thread piece that is left to leave no trace.

And voila! It looks great and work really well.

Look at the diffrence. No more straps hanging around.


Temporary solution

Things you will need.

– Needle
– String
– Sissor
– Elastic band
– Knife/cutter

Cost: 10$ raw material for 10-15 units
This is a well known way to get straps fasten but on some packs they do not exist or why not have som as spare? This is how you make those.
What you need to do is to cut the elastic band of the appropriate length. When you get a length that works well, cut all the bit after the measurement. It can be a little difficult to sew elastic so try to sew it stretched.
Same thing here, use double thread when it needs to keep well.
And here we got it. Does it´s job.

Skattjakt 365

By liveitshareit 2013.10.21 in Uncategorized

Just thought I’d check out how many others from Outdrr it was that managed to find a treasure in skattjakt 365. Would be nice to know how many “we” all managed to get together? Please post a comment, it would be fun.

Thanks to Naturkompaniet for a fun event.

This I got a hold of in Örebro, after much toil and circumstances. The items in the tresure were following:

– 1000kr Naturkompaniet
– Nalgene bottle
– Maglite flashlight
– Ibump solar charger
– Aclima wrist warmers
– Light my fire Spork
– Fjällräven reflector


Autumn Flow

By liveitshareit 2013.10.13 in Uncategorized

This post will not contain any special explanatory text or “behind the scenes” video. Thought i just share some photos I took on my two trips this week. Hope you had a great weekend.


Järleån – Yellow

By liveitshareit 2013.10.07 in Trips


I wrote a few weeks ago about this place so I thought Järle visit again when the leaves become a bit yellower, now they were.
I wanted to get a picture with a clear shift between colors and softly moving water that creates any kind of calm among the “chaos” in the colors. It turned out to be a pretty wet, cold and an exciting challenge. To the perfect shot on the edge of a river with perfect exciting element occurs often. So one must simply into the river. Although it is autumn and 10 degrees in the air. Said and done it was stepping down and after a few minutes was not known as much of the legs and the worst “pain” was gone. It ended up that I was standing in the river over 1.5 hours.
Anything that is worth something’s a little tricky to get right?

I´ve also added a video this time. I think this will become a regular thing i do in these post´s. That´s also why i choose to use the 4/3 camera, so content will be uploaded faster.


And yes it was cold, very cold haha.











View in 1080p for best experience

Equipment Videos

By liveitshareit 2013.10.01 in Equipment

I have begun a series of videos that will show what kind of equipment that i use and prefer. Also some smart little gadgets will be shown later on.
The first videos will go through more basic things such as backpacks and hiking boots. The next (coming tomorrow) will focus more on electronic equipment that I consider absolutely necessary both for hiking and photography. The videos are in Swedish, but I’m working on adding English subtitles. I also want to point out that no script or following are used so they are pretty “rough”. This is not a gear review it´s just something to show what i enjoy wearing & using. Hope someone finds this a little interesting.

View in 1080p for best experience.

Berghaus Vulcan

Camelbak Motherlode


Järleån 2.0

By liveitshareit 2013.09.27 in Trips

I took the opportunity to go to Järleån again in the hope that it would have really nice autumn leaves on the trees. But it seems that it will take a few more weeks. So hopefully it will be to get there again next week.
I have written about this place before, and for those who live around the Örebro area I really recommend to go there. It is not too difficult terrain and there are good locations with fireplaces and wind shelters for those who would like to go there with the family too.
Now the water level have dropped quite a bit so you can get really good shots that simply are not possible in the spring / summer when there´s quite strong streams.

Below are some photos as usual and a short video.







View in 720p HD and fullscreen for best experience



By liveitshareit 2013.09.26 in Trips


After searching for a new location to shoot, I came across Stensjön. This lake has quite unique features and the wildlife is undisturbed. Because this place is quite remote and surrounded by thick forests in Värmland these following animals exist there: wolf, bear, wolverine, lynx and golden eagles. However, the chance to encounter any of those are pretty small. I’m not suggesting that these species are at the lake, but in the county. So if you’re lucky/unlucky one can catch a sight of these animals.
As you have started to notice now in the fall it gets dark very quickly and the only chance to get shots when “the sky is burning” is at sunset/sunrise. So it was just to look happy and hike about 1 hour in pitch black rough terrain to get to the nearest road and travel home at the evening.

I will not write the settings of the pictures I took. The equipment I used was a Panasonic GX1 With a 12-50 lenses. Anything to be able to move a little easier this time, big berta stayed home.

Below is also a little video I threw together. That’s always fun with a little movie right?






View in 720p HD and fullscreen for best experience

Autumn details

By liveitshareit 2013.09.17 in Trips

Sometimes it can be interesting to stop and look at the smaller things instead of large landscapes. This is exactly what I did this weekend on a little day trip.
It’s fascinating how many beautiful things that can be just a few feet around you if you take time to stop and look.
Since I had no plans to capture any particular subject and wanted to walk light and comfortably, I took with my 4/3 camera. These cameras are quite impressive because they have a very large sensor when compared to the size of the camera. I will probably write a detailed post about them later because they are excellent if you want stunning quality and light equipment.
Here are some pictures from the trip.


golj-3b Inland ice stones


 Dried treegolj-1b

Autumns first victim


Holding on


By liveitshareit 2013.09.12 in Trips

This is a new version of a post that i wrote i while back. The reason is that i have got alot of film developed now so i´m able to write alot of post´s about diffrent locations now.

This time I went to Göljestigen. A quick day trip to get there and doesen´t have to carry all that much equipment. Since it is relatively easy terrain and short to get there from where you can park your car it seemed like a nice idea. Below I attach a map of where it is located and paths leading there.


(Snapshots are taken with Iphone 5)




Mamiya RZ67 Pro II
50mm F4.5
Shutter speed: 30 Seconds
Aperture: F/32
ISO: 50 (Velvia 50)


Mamiya RZ67 Pro II
50mm F4.5
Shutter speed: 8 Seconds
Aperture: F/32
ISO: 50 (Velvia 50)


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