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After searching for a new location to shoot, I came across Stensjön. This lake has quite unique features and the wildlife is undisturbed. Because this place is quite remote and surrounded by thick forests in Värmland these following animals exist there: wolf, bear, wolverine, lynx and golden eagles. However, the chance to encounter any of those are pretty small. I’m not suggesting that these species are at the lake, but in the county. So if you’re lucky/unlucky one can catch a sight of these animals.
As you have started to notice now in the fall it gets dark very quickly and the only chance to get shots when “the sky is burning” is at sunset/sunrise. So it was just to look happy and hike about 1 hour in pitch black rough terrain to get to the nearest road and travel home at the evening.

I will not write the settings of the pictures I took. The equipment I used was a Panasonic GX1 With a 12-50 lenses. Anything to be able to move a little easier this time, big berta stayed home.

Below is also a little video I threw together. That’s always fun with a little movie right?






View in 720p HD and fullscreen for best experience

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