The process of a photo 1/3

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This post will explain everything from how I usually plan my trips to get a certain type of image I’m after. I will divide this trip into three parts, planning, journey and what happens after the pictures are taken. I do not promote any services/products. They simply works well for me. The location im going to is Järleån. It´s a river that is located betwen Nora and Lindesberg in Bergslagen. Approximately 20-25 km from the bigger city of Örebro.
So let’s start with the first part.

Weather and light
The absolutely crucial part of the trip will be succesfull, the weather. How will the light fall? Will the weather hold out as expected? To minimize the risks as much as possible, I use these tools.

– Yr.no
I usually use yr.no for weather reports. They tend to be the most fitting, in my opinion. They have lots of information and all that is needed to determine when the trip may take place.


– Sun Seeker
To get the best light you will want to shoot at sunrise/sunset for the most part (not always). A tool that helps to see if this is possible are sun seeker. Here you can see exactly where the sun will be at certain hours. It helps a lot in certain situations where the places you might have thought would be perfect really is completely in shadow and falls flat.
This App is free and available for iPhone.
Now that we have gone through how to minimize the risk that bad weather will affect the trip we will move on to the equipment I´m going to use for this trip.

– Camera
When I shoot landscapes I use the  Mamiya RZ67 Pro II most of the time. This is a medium format camera that shoot both analog and digital depending of the back you are using. It delivers a very large negative that means that the camera is very big and heavy. This is a factor you have to accept if you choose to use this format. I will do a review and tutorial of this later. If i shoot film it´s mainly Velvia 50 i use and if i go digital it´s with an phase one back (rarely).


– Gear

The photos that I intend to take will be of a river. The boots are likely to be wet and there is no point to try not to get wet feet. Therefore, I choose to use my desert boots model belleville 390S. They dry quickly, are very comfortable and have speedlace so they will be easy to get on/off if i have to go out in the river.

The rucksack I use is a Berghaus vulcan. It is by far the best rucksak I have owned both for military use and hiking. It does it all and can handle large volumes with many attachment points, it´s simply a beast.

Now when all the important equipment is packed we are ready to go.

In the next post i will start with where the trip begins. How to set up the equipment, depending on different images. What accessories and settings are important to get unique results and many other things.

/ Rickard Eriksson

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