Tutorial 01 – Basic editing

By liveitshareit on 2014.02.07 In Tutorials

I will start a small series about the easiest way to improve your images, both in Photoshop and out in the nature. First of there will be the most basic stuff and then work up to more advanced techniques. The tutorials will all be in Swedish but i will add subtitle so everyone can enjoy them.

Tutorial 01 – Basic editing
I´ll show how to merge 2 images together to get a better dynamic range throughout the hole image. This is necessary if there is a big difference between light and dark, and on the use of cameras with smaller sensors. It also works just fine to use a GND filter so wont need to do this process i post production.

Things you will need to be able to recreate:

– Camera with option for manual exposure
– Tripod
– Shoot with RAW files/open JPEG in Camera Raw
– Adobe Photoshop


View in 720p for best experience

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